A video on the transition to a "new normal” has been prepared

The Ministry of Economy continues to raise awareness and educate the citizens about the transition to a "new normal" as part of measures taken to combat the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic. For this purpose, another educational video was prepared at the initiative of the Ministry. The video calls on citizens to comply with the New Rules, and entrepreneurs to pay attention to their health, the health of their employees and customers, to comply with the established rules, requirements and recommendations of the government. It was emphasized that the main rules are the regular disinfection of the workplaces, use of protective equipment, ensuring social distance, personal hygiene, monitoring the body temperature of employees. The health and well-being of each of us depends on adhering to these rules.

The Ministry of Economy informs the public about the importance of the transition to a "new normal" by broadcasting social videos in the media and  other channels of communication and asks the citizens for increased public support in this area.