Azerbaijan Investment Company OJSC (AIC) announces a tender for the selection of a potential investor on the project for the production of block stone from the Shahbulag quarry located in the Aghdam region.

Participants of the tender must hold the necessary financial and technical capabilities. The invitation to participate in the tender will be made after the submission of the following documents:

  1. Full name and legal status of the bidder. If it is a legal entity, charter, VÖEN certificate and extract from the state register; if it is an individual, identity document and VÖEN certificate;
  2. Certificate from the relevant tax authority on the absence of overdue obligations on taxes and other obligatory payments in the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  3. Bidder's financial stability (bank statement and financial statements on financial condition with a business turnover of more than 1 (one) million manat for the last 3 consecutive years);
  4. Information confirming the bidder's experience in business management, team, participation in relevant projects (including in the development of mineral deposits); (also includes: qualified personnel operating in the mining sector, material and technical base, etc.)

Note: AIC's share in the share capital of the legal entity to be established together with the selected investor is maximum 30%. At the same time, 5-7 years after the start of the project (duration is agreed in advance between the parties in accordance with the financial model), AIC's share must be purchased by the major shareholders.

Investors interested in participating in the tender can submit the above-mentioned documents to the address of "Azerbaijan Investment Company" OJSC until 20.12.2021, 17:00.


AZ 1025, Baku city, 8 November avenue, 25E

Baku White City Office Building, 3rd floor

Tel: +994 12 488 80 10

Documents submitted after the deadline will be returned unopened.