BALKHOORMA LLC has been founded in January 2016. The plant is located in the heart of the mountains, in Balakan, a beautiful northern region of Azerbaijan and has a staff of about 150  experienced employees. The plant is equipped with all the necessary automated equipments and is fully adapted to modern standards; it consists of a range of service sections including washing, peeling, cooling and packaging. As Azerbaijan is in the top five in the world in terms of persimmon production, either fresh persimmon or final dehydrazied persimmon varieties are sufficient for both domestic sales and exports. Untill now, BALKHOORMA has reached to the markets of Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia and presented this exotic taste of Azerbaijan to foreign buyers. The company's goal is to deliver organic and useful products to every customer with a wide range of products in more countries.

Purpose: Increase the production volume of a fruit drying line from  200 tons to 600 tons per year.

Investment amount: 4 500 000 AZN

The year of investment: 2022