Memorandum of Understanding was signed between “I.D.E. Water Assets Ltd” and “Azerbaijan Investment Company” OJSC

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation for the establishment of the large-scale plant in our country on the desalination of the Caspian Sea was signed between potential investor of the project “Azerbaijan Investment Company” OJSC (“AIC”) and Israeli “I.D.E. Water Assets Ltd” (“IDE”) company, notable in the field of water processing.

Considering global warming, inefficient use of water recourses and increasing droughts around the world, countries are actively using desalination plants to produce drinking water.

“IDE” has experience in the construction of over 400 plants across 40 countries for more than 4 decades. The company has an especially well-proven track record in large-scale membrane and thermal desalination, including some of the largest plants worldwide (e.g., in China, India, the US, Australia and Israel). The company is providing population of Israel with 70% of all the drinking water.