Investment strategy


We invest primarily in Azerbaijan. We defined several sectors with high potential:

Intensive Agriculture - geenhouses production of fruits and vegetables, intensive open field gardens

Regional logistics - businesses on the basis of Alyat Port, such as container construction business, storage facilities and other enablers

Food production - Import substitution-oriented food production, processing of raw materials grown and produced in the country

Pharmaceuticals - Development of Pirallahi Industrial Park, looking for the projects to enable investor interest to participate in production of medicine in the country

Renewable energy - Development and co-investment into green energy projects, as well as household waste-to-energy projects. Combining of renewable energy projects with other industries, such as Intensive Agriculture


- Minimum deal size of AZN500’000 and maximum deal size of 20% of AUM

- Projects with IRR of at least 10%

- Financing of up to 30% of the project

- Target investment holding period of 5-7 years


*This section includes parts from Risk Management Policy of AIC