Brief information


Azerbaijan Investment Company Joint-Stock Company (“AIC”) was established by Presidential decree in March 2006. All shares of AIC owned by the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Company governed by Supervisory Board appointed by Ministry of Economy. Main economic purpose of the AIC is capital investments into non-oil sector of Azerbaijan Republic. 

17 years of investments into Azerbaijan economy

184.6 M USD invested



GDP is revenues of portfolio companies (as of 2021 YE)

Goals and Objectives


Our key strategic priority is to maximize value for the economy and investors by providing expertise and capital for high - value added industries and projects in Azerbaijan

Key Priorities

- Invest in financially attractive projects in Azerbaijan

- Become catalyst for attracting direct investments, talent and technologies into Azerbaijan economy

- Contribute to the development of non-oil industries of Azerbaijan

- Improving AIC’s long-term total risk – adjusted return

- Supporting the development of the Azerbaijan economy, facilitating economic diversification and support import replacement processes